Making Art and Other Great Holidays

If you lik to paint, this is one of the most inspiring works I have ever seen!

Morgan Freeman Finger Painting

I think it took around 200 hours to do this. There were many people that referred this to me. This is simply amazing. Here are a few more too. Here is a video of clay tools too. This is also a GREAT article from Mother Earth on how to work with clay.

For those who enjoy painting, this video above shows quite a bit of talent. Although it can take quite a bit of time to learn how to do this. It does not take too, too much time in order to perfect this talent. In fact, there are many things that people really enjoy that may or may not take too too long to learn how to do. One is working with clay. This video shows how to work with clay.

This is also a very talented artist as well. His work is very very good. I have also loved some of Michaelangelos paintings too. Looking at this, I do know that some peple go to college to learn, but it takes time and it takes time to develop these types of talens. Although some are born with these talents, not all are. I know there is an argument that people may or may not be able to develop this type of talent, but one thing is for sure, they will be able to improve upon their talent. It is not like your are trying to get scholarships or something with an intrinic ability, but it is more of a development of ability over time. I do not think that all people will be able to all develop the same power though unles the all share the exact same diligence, even then, there will still be those who are ahead



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I found this interesting article on

This is a dicussion about a women who has had a issue with a belly sticking out. I found this because I went to a class where they were studying a few reason why your belly can stick out. One of the main reaons we found was because of a lack of nutrition and the other reason is because of a too much good. This brings up an interesting point because there are many who have had this issue before.

With some of the comments, we can see a few people are saying that it is because she is a women, and others say that he just needs to get stronger. I think this is one of the reasons why people have a hard time finding good information on the interent, because in many cases, there is simple not enough good information to help people when they really have an issue. Being in college, you are able to find so many variations of a subject, it can seem mind boggling at time. This is why it is important to do as much research on your own and weight out the facts. Or you can hire someone to tell you what they have found. I think this goes for people who would like a personal trainer to possibly find help with tutors in school. Or you could even go so far as to try ton conduct as experiment. And if you are not in college, you could always try to find easy scholarships to apply for and go back to school. Even better, there are many online schools that are easy to attend a home too. The rate of people going to school has increased, and intrerestingly enough , so has college cost as well. However, at any rate, going back to school is always worth the adventure you go through to get a degree

Your options are endless.

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It’s That Time…

So.. finally, I have been able to get a grip on some of the studying that I should have  been doing for some time.

Take a look at some of the course work I am having to complete this semester!


Oh well. I have some of my biology completed and I hope to have a little more completed by the end of this next month.

My old campus had a rigorous course load as well. take a look

But, you know. I think that if I do not take my time to learn as much as I possibly can, then I might as well not begin. I am of the thought that it is more important to do something right the first time. Atleast, I learned that when I kept having to go back and redo a lot of the work I have done over the years!

So anyway, later this year, I was looking to try to see if I could get a writing scholarship and I found this free pfd online to help.

I was looking at this site on scholarships for women over 40 for school  but they do not have any links out to any place. I did find a nice article on wikipedia that has a lot of the information I was looking for though. If I find it, I will place it here.

Here is a youtube on writing better though for those who are interested.

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Study Tips

The above is an excellent video about what are commonly head myths. We found this video the other day and found it to be very informative.

In addition to this, we also found this video for those who are thinking of going to medical college. This video below talks about the first semester of medical school possibly with an anatomy and physiology study guide or a lab partner

The main key to remember when trying to study anything is to make sure that you do your best, with or without a guide to help you.

Here are some study tips as well we found to be very helpful.

This website, also have very good study tips

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Here we are again

We hope that you are enjoying your week, or better yet, having a great Friday. Today, we had an excellent day on the rivers in California. Below is a youtube video of some of the places that we went too.

That was a fun one to watch. In fact, there have been quite a few different trips we have taken with our class that I will post here very soon. One thing we learned in class today was about news writing.

We covered a few different press releases.

The press release above is a corporate press release as well as an announcement.

The release above talks about the National Medical Association. This is an announcement type of press release showing the credentials of the new president.

This release below is not in a true form of a press release. This is more of an article.

This release below is formatted to present a company.

Later this week, we will go over the types of releases and what the teacher said individually about all of these.


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Best Sellers and Odd and Ends on Amazon

Below we have put a few of the best selling Amazon books: In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at some very popular books on Lately, there has been quite a big shift in what parents are considering safe for the children. With many different tragedies happening in the school system lately, many Americans have now turned to homeschooling as a means to help educate their children and prepare them for college. Some parents have even help their children get into colleges online which keeps them in a safer environment. However, many people do not feel that this environment is truly safe because children that do not get out and socialize may not have adequate social skills in order to succeed in the workforce. Although we did not post this to get an opinion on this argument one way or the other, we have listed a few books that we have found to be very poplar on Amazon for you to reference.

Education Books:

Why School? -Published in 2012. This book has tons of great reviews. This poses the argument that children no longer need the traditional school system in order to succeed anymore. There are a lot of great points in this book that many parents may life.

Great American School System - This book talks about the death of the great American school system. There many people as mentioned in the very beginning of this post that do not have a lot of faith in this system as it used to be. Many feel that it does not serve a good purpose anymore. However, this is up to the individual’s and their parents and the goals they have for their children.

With over 224 reviews. This book is available in kindle and also in paperback too.

Why Children Succeed - This is an excellent book that may be of interest quite a few parents. Beginning in 2008, the author this book published a very popular writing that is still popular today. Traveling all of the country Paul look into many different aspects as to why children are able to succeed faster than others. For those who are looking for great resource on how to help their children the future and even now, this may be an excellent resource that can help parents for many years to come.

This is a great book on children and why and how – they succeed. This book has around 301 reviews.

My Education  This book by Suan Choi is also great read. It is available in a hardcover and also available on Kindle too. This book was also featured as best book of the month in July of 2013. For those who are looking for a great afternoon read this academic novel is an extra resource of good information.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets - This book deals with simple worksheets for children who are homeschooled. This author seems to have other books but this is the only one that will post right now.



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Youtube Videos that Made It

Over the course of the last 10 years, there have been many Youtube Videos come and go. Originally, youtube was more of a past time for many individuals, but over the years it has truly progress into something monumental for this age. YouTube is now owned by Google and since this acquisition, we have seen quite a few advancements made, especially in tracking and quality of the videos that are released on YouTube.

In it’s beginnings, you to was used as we mentioned, mainly for hobbies. But now as we can see in this official trailer: . Youtube is being used to help create a buzz about a company or let the public know about events that are on the horizon or even movies. This is something that other video sites have tried to do for some time off for some reason or another YouTube just caught on really fast. We speculate that it has to do with the name and also the fact that Google took a lot of interest in it from its inception.

Although, YouTube is not alone with this popularity, there are many different types of sites that have grown in popularity over the years but YouTube still remains one of the most popular of all sites, especially for businesses. For business this means that you can create quite a few videos and have them syndicated to your subscribers. When someone describes to your YouTube videos is much like being on e-mail list although you are not able to directly correspond with them except with video uploads. However, this is more than fine for quite a few companies because at the rate they release videos, their survivors are updated at least once or twice per week.

An example of a business video is has been produced on a slideshow: the advantages of doing business with their company. This is just one of many examples of companies using media in order to reach out to their audiences from buying cars to individuals seeking debt consolidation loans for bad credit there is a business out there promoting it with video.  Although We see hundreds of businesses trying to utilize the power of video we suspect that the results that they get are across the board. Some companies have quite a few survivors while some are just beginning to get online and get their feet wet. We also suspect that in the next 10 years that there’ll be quite a few video sites that come on the scene but we also predicted that none of them will be able to beat Youtube.

Below is a screenshot of one type of video:


Migrating away from the business side of things, Youtube is also used widely for practical jokes in these videos generally get syndicated quite a bit and become extremely popular quite fast for example, in this YouTube video showing the 19 Most popular Youtube Videos , we see a quick rundown of different videos that war the most popular YouTube videos of all time. Again, one only needs to search for a few minutes to find out that there many different types of opinions out there on what videos are the most popular. Suffice to say, you too will increase in popularity for quite some time and we suspect that is popularity will continue as long as the World Wide Web is around. Stay tuned for more information as we covered some of the most popular sites on the Internet. This is going to be a fun one. Also, we’re not done with YouTube, we want to look at some of the funniest videos on YouTube very soon

Here is the Youtube video links again:

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We Begin Again!

One of the main things we really enjoy about website design is the fact that it is so versatile. In fact, this article here, explains exactly what we have been thinking about design and the positive effect it can have on the people that view your site.

This article in net magazine truly explains it all!

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